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“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service, bit we serve the same Lord. God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us." 1 Cor 12:4-6

The Bible clearly teaches that each member of the body of Christ has been given spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up the Church. The Church then strengthens the saints so they can live out the Gospel. The ministries at Calvary Chapel are designed to do just that.

Home GroupsYouth GroupChildren's MinistryWomen's GroupMen's Group
4eb617b76c954a4540192a838422a0d9.jpg Home Groups: An opportunity to meet for follow-up and open discussion of the scriptures and teaching from the pulpit each week. 53f28e9fa84ab5e3ae74c1c97683fbcc.jpg Men's Group: Encouraging men in their spiritual growth as they shepherd their families and His church. Creating leaders for Him.
d4c8d8e41de3b2e7078181051c07e106.jpg Women's Group: Grow in a relationship with Christ through weekly bible studies in an informal, yet dynamic devotional small group. 8b1935522e7e0725ea52b485d04780df.jpg  Children's Ministry: Learning who God is through age appropriate worship and lessons in a loving, safe and Christ-centered environment.
19c386fa4a7f2a0ea483523ca1f94bc8.jpg  Youth Group: Helping youth to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and preparing them to be mature members and future leaders. 7eccfd7ee95593a9a5d6309d937ed6b5.jpg  Salt and Light: College and career aged adults serving together in Christ as they aim to live out this life and share the gospel with this world.
4b7803d4252e87e152ce053c1f387ccb.jpg  Missions: Taking the Gospel message to the uttermost parts of the earth, as well as right here in our own backyard. See where the Lord's led us. Potters_Logo.jpg  The Potter's Cafe: Christian coffee shop offering gourmet Faithful Blends and pastries. Live music, games and activities for people of all ages.
7aad51803cbd9fcb9f1df8dc1580a2b6.JPG  Media Ministry: Serving the Lord and the Church in this age of technology through website design, sermon compilation and projection services. 912e74ca2d4d6b5641f042cc4f86e6f3.jpg  Sound Ministry: Working closely with the Worship Team and pastors to coordinate the best possible sound during worship and teaching.
354feef91a075f1fdceb0ac6f828c326.jpg Worship Ministry: Focusing on the majesty of our Lord. Bringing Him praise for all that He has done and is doing in our lives, through worship. 521d6554ad7e4e7ab0970bc3e8ac0c00.jpg  Radio Station: 100.7 The Shield FM. "Serving the Sandhills with the Whole Armor of God". Bringing the message of Jesus to the airwaves.
3557493b8508dd82bbdf7960172ad983.png  The Potter's Wheel: A state of the art recording studio, fully equipped to provide recording services for Christian media. 49599db4a0b889db34748ad8caa30c96.jpg The Cutting Edge: Messages and teaching ministry for our pastors on 100.7 The Shield FM. This page is under construction. Check back again soon.